About Us

What is NECA

The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) is the voice of the $171 billion industry responsible for bringing electrical power, lighting, and communications to buildings and communities across the United States.

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The Atlantic Coast NECA Chapter is the premier trade association  and voice for electrical contractors in Southern Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. The was founded and chartered in 1996 after the Virginia and Carolinas Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association decided to merge their chapters. The Leadership in both the Virginia Chapter and Carolinas Chapter decided to merge the Chapter in an effort to become more efficient and lean in their operations, to  expand their impact in the industry, and to be  more effective in their pursuit of common interests and objectives.

Who we Are today

Today the Association has grown and expanded its impact within its local markers with over thirty-two electrical contractors as NECA members who on average  perform over 4.5 million manhours worth  work bringing power, lighting and communication to their local markets within the Chapter’s jurisdiction. These NECA contractors are committed to being leaders in the industry and performing the best quality work for their customers, NECA contractors demonstrated their commitment to this day in and day out with their investment in the NECA/IBEW apprenticeship program. Which in conjunction with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (I.B.E.W.) they provide the highest quality training and education to their workforce. This ensures a consistently skilled and safety oriented workforce and the highest quality product to the customer. 

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Labor Partnership

NECA’s national office, chapters, and member contractors have long practiced constructive and responsible labor relations in concert with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), the world’s oldest and largest union of electrical workers. Peaceful settlement of grievances and jurisdictional disputes are implemented at NECA’s national and local levels through cooperative forums. Ensuring fair wages and benefits, as well as a unified skill set and training, for electrical workers serves the best interests of the industry and NECA customers.

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